MC: Over 870,000 Inspection Visits Conducted in 2023 to Boost Facility Compliance Across All Regions

11 Jan 2024


Introduction of the 'Compliance' Law to Improve Supervisory Operations and Technological Connectivity with Suppliers for Tracking Prices and Ensuring Availability of Goods​

In 2023, the Ministry of Commerce conducted a sweeping campaign of 870,463 inspection visits to commercial entities throughout the Kingdom, ensuring regulatory compliance.

These inspections were aimed at reinforcing the adherence of businesses to the established norms and regulations of the marketplace, focusing particularly on safeguarding consumer rights and responsibilities.

The Ministry introduced an advanced electronic surveillance and inspection law named 'Compliance' to refine its regulatory functions. In addition, it embarked on a project to technically link with suppliers in the food sector, focusing on essential and basic goods, to monitor their prices and ensure their steady availability.

The Ministry also made strides in improving its technical integration with commercial entities. This enhancement was geared towards swiftly addressing consumer complaints raised through the 'Compliance' law.

Regarding commercial complaints, the Ministry received a substantial 784,817 reports in the year through its 'Commercial Complaint' app and the dedicated hotline 1900. A significant portion of these complaints dealt with issues related to maintenance services, availability of spare parts, and product quality, followed by concerns related to e-commerce, and matters of product exchange and returns.

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Last Modified 16 Jan 2024