In 24 hours, "MCI" seized more than 11.000 counterfeit commodities for famous brands that violate the specifications

10 Sep 2016
Included electric extension, perfumes and sun glasses ... 
During the field tours of the Ministry of Commerce and Investment inspection teams on the markets and shops surrounding the sacred areas in Makkah, more than 11.640 violations were registered. The violations varied from fraud, expiration dates, non-conformity to specifications and famous international trademark counterfeiting.

The inspection teams have spread in many areas of Makkah, especially those surrounding the sacred areas, and register and seized 5.059 commodities violated the standard specifications which include (electric extinctions, illegal medical creams, counterfeit chargers, 4609 expired perfumes and 1000 counterfeit shoes and sun glasses for famous trademarks). 

It is worth mentioning that the inspection teams of the Ministry of commerce and investment have a daily (morning and evening) tours in Makkah, Madinah and the sacred areas, to monitor the sale points and ensure their commitment to the regulations.

The Ministry of trade and investment declare that the inspection activities will continue on all kinds of sell points, and emphasize that there will be no tolerance for anyone or anything that will compromise the safety and the health of the pilgrims. It also urges everyone to contact the consumer call center if there is any complaints or reports, using the unified number 1900 or through "Commercial Report" smartphone application.​

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018