MCI Launches Awareness Show for the Consumers in the Markets of the Kingdom, Starting in Riyadh

10 Sep 2014
​Educational Publications and Interactive Presentations and Experiences to Warn of Fraud and Adulteration
MCI will launch Awareness Shows in a number of large commercial markets in the cities of the Kingdom. The first show will begin in Riyadh on Thursday, 16/11/1435 AH, corresponding to 11/09/2014 AD, in "Panorama" and "Gharnada" Malls, which aims to raise awareness by identifying the rights of consumers, and display some of the educational models and publications, review  the interactive experiences, and the laboratories tests on the commodities and how far do they conform  with the specifications, in addition to highlighting the efforts of the Ministry in the field of Anti Commercial Fraud, and consumer`s protection.
The Show will also feature and raise awareness and warning of the temptations of quick-profit, which the Ministry had already launched a special campaign for that subject in the media, where an interactive model will be displayed illustrating the risks of investing in commercial operations which include fraud and swindling on customers.
While the visitors of the show will learn about the models of fraud in the foodstuffs and consuming commodities through special awareness publications and posters describing the differences between the original products and the counterfeit ones, with visual awareness presentations for the consumers in  this respect.
In addition, the consumers will be notified of a number of aspects concerning cars, including: original spare parts and the counterfeit ones, and the necessary procedures to maintain vehicles, in addition to presenting the most important items in the list of the Commercial Agent's Obligations towards the consumers.
The Ministry will also give a presentation about the notifications and complaints graph received by MCI from the consumers, in addition to another graph showing the percentage of consumer`s satisfaction, all that with the reception of the public participation about their experiences with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
The Ministry has also allocated, within the show, special sections to give awareness to children and to educate them in a very scientific and simplified methods.
It is worth mentioning that the upcoming shows that will be implemented by MCI will be in: the Eastern Region, Medina , Qassim , Hail, Abha and Jeddah.
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