MCI, Recalling 53 Thousand "GM" Cars in Saudi Arabia for Workmanship Defects and Follow-up that Internationally

11 Aug 2014
​The General Motors Corporation, in coordination with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, has carried out a recalling campaign for more than 53 thousand GM cars of different models in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the existence of different problems. Where the Ministry has been publishing the details of this campaign and explains the workmanship defects, as well as the numbers of chassis of the damaged cars and the mechanism of communication with the local agent to repair the defects free of charge.
The Ministry has also communicated with the Commercial Attache` in Italy to check in what has recently spread in the social networking sites that Italy prevents the entry of "Yukon" and "Tahoe" vehicles to its territory due to a manufacturing  defect that can`t be repaired. It has been shown that there is no prevention of these cars from entering Italy. MCI is following up all the procedures for the international recalling of cars to ensure that the manufacturing companies would implement that in the Kingdom.
The recalling campaign carried out currently by “GM" includes a number of GMC Acadia vehicles and Chevrolet Traverse 2009-2013 models, for the probability of corrosion of the electrical wiring kits for side airbags, installed on the seat. As well as recall a number of Chevrolet Express vehicles and GMC Savana, models 2009-2014 for not matching the standard requirements of the head for the passengers who do not fasten the seatbelt. Also recall a number of GMC Sierra vehicles and Chevrolet Silverado 2014, for the probability that the cooler line of the oil transmission is not fixed safely.
The campaign also includes recalling a number of Cadillac ATS vehicles 2013 – 2014, Cadillac CTS 2014 equipped with automatic transmission, which may be the transmission cable is not fully fixed on the transmission box. And recall a number of Chevrolet Traverse vehicles and "GMC" Acadia 2009-2014, where the anchor of the front seat belt could be separated any time as a result of the passenger movement on the seat. In addition, recall a number of Chevrolet Silverado vehicles and "GMC" Sierra 2014-2015 for the possibility of installing the hose clip for the automated leash without linking it correctly with the automated fuel pump. And recall a number of Chevrolet Silverado LD vehicles 2014, Chevrolet Silverado HD, Tahoe, Suburban 2015, "GMC" Sierra LD 2014, "GMC" Sierra HD, Yukon and Yukon XL 2015 equipped with a radio on the base and inner voice amplifier. 
The campaign also includes recall a number of  Chevrolet Cruze vehicles 2013-2014 equipped with rotate axis of the tubular column and which may be exposed to a break in the neck of the rotate column axis on the right side during extreme acceleration of the vehicle or severe engine brake.  And recall a number of Chevrolet Corvette vehicles 2014, with Optional Sports Seat, that contain airbags which may not meet a set of technical specifications during side collision. Drivers must not allow a small child to sit in the right front seat until the delivery of services by the agent and they should always use the appropriate child seats. And recall a number of Chevrolet Corvette vehicles  2014, with normal or sports suspension, which  may probably not having suitable welding on the rear bumper, leading to a possible break in welding. Also recall a number of Chevrolet Silverado vehicles 2014, "GMC" Sierra 2014, equipped with automatic transmission box, which may cause electric short in the signal during the transmission to the neutral status without any action by the driver. 
MCI calls on all the clients, who are included in the announcement of the "GM", to communicate with the local agents (AL Jomah Motors Corporation 800 244 2000) and (Universal Motors Agencies 800 244 2244 ) to make the necessary repairs free of charge. 
It is worth mentioning that MCI, and as an extension of its role in the protection of consumers, is doing continuous communication with the international auto companies, and the local agents in the kingdom, and is carefully monitoring and following up the coordination of the cars recalling campaigns that show the presence of workmanship defects.
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