MCI, The Services Provided Online are Covered by the E-Commerce System

10 Jul 2019


The Ministry of Commerce and Investment has announced that all the services provided online are covered by the E-Commerce System, approved by the Council of Ministers yesterday.

MCI has explained that the services provided to consumers through e-stores are subject to the e-commerce system and its executive regulations, which will be issued within three months. This procedure aims to regulate the services provided through e-commerce. Thus contributing to stimulating, developing and promoting e-commerce, besides enhancing the trust in its transactions, and protecting the consumers' rights.

The E-Commerce System stipulates that the service provider is requested to provide a statement to the consumer, stating the terms and conditions of the contract to be concluded, including: The procedures to be completed for concluding the contract, the data related to the service provider, the basic characteristics of the services subject of the contract, the total price including all charges or taxes, if any, as well as the terms and conditions for payment, delivery, implementation and the warranty, if any.

The E-Commerce System stresses the need to protect the personal data or the relevant e-communications of the consumer, applying for the service. The service provider will be held responsible for all data or e-communications that are in his custody, or under the control of the parties he is dealing with, or their agents.

The e-commerce system stresses the importance that all the commercial advertisements should be free of any deception, manipulation or misleading towards the consumer. In case of any violation, the legal measures will be applied therein. 

The e-commerce system gives the consumer the right to return the item and to recover the value within 7 days of the contract date, this is in case the consumer does not utilize or use such item, except for some services relevant to accommodation, transportation or catering.

The customer may also cancel the transaction if the service provider delays delivery for more than 15 days from the contract date, or from the agreed date. The consumer has the right to recover the value subject of the contract, or any other expenses resulting from such delay, except the delay is due to force majeure.

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Last Modified 11 Jul 2019