MCI, 24 companies disclose 850 thousand air conditioners contrary to the Energy Efficiency Card and the confiscation of 15 thousand air conditioners that have not been disclosed

10 Feb 2014

​MCI has announced that 24 commercial institutions have disclosed more than 850 thousand air conditioners existing in their warehouses not complying with the standards and specifications regarding the Energy Efficiency Card. These units will be allowed to be re-exported outside the Kingdom. The Ministry continues its campaign to inspect the stores and warehouses to make sure that there are no air conditioning units contrary to the Energy Efficiency Card that have not been disclosed, and for the confiscation of violating quantities, after the deadline given to those institutions for the disclosure of what they have and to facilitate re-exporting such units. 

MCI campaign resulted in raiding a warehouse belonging to one of the commercial establishments which did not disclose the violating air conditioners they already have before the end of the deadline. 15 thousand air conditioners have been confiscated, contrary to the Standards and Specifications.
The Ministry had called earlier the companies , which have large quantities of air conditioning units in violation of the Energy Efficiency Card in their warehouses and stores to promptly disclose that to MCI, specifying their  types, models, quantities and locations of storage  to enable them  re-exporting such units and to restore the customs  before the date of 25/03/1435 AH , this is after the coordination with the Saudi Customs to specify special pathways at the borders crossing points of the Kingdom to export the violating units and for speeding up the procedures and for giving back the fees earned upon import .
The Ministry stressed that it will work in cooperation with all Control Authorities on the inspection of warehouses and stores, after the specified date, and all the existing quantities in violation will be confiscated and destroyed. 
MCI is very interested in freeing the markets from air conditioning units that  deplete or overuse  the energy, and giving the opportunity for companies to do necessary  corrections. 
It is worth mentioning that MCI has implemented Control Rounds on markets and shops of air conditioning to ensure putting the Energy Efficiency Cards on air conditioners, and to punish the violators, resulting in detecting 40 thousand air conditioners not bearing the said cards in various regions of the Kingdom at the start of the campaign on 1.1.2014 AD.
The Ministry said at the time that it would continue the inspection tours throughout the year and that the next phase will witness, in addition to the current procedures, withdrawing samples of air conditioning units to be  sent to special accredited laboratories to ensure that they comply with the approved standard 2663/2012 AD , in terms of energy efficiency .  
This came as a result of the joint coordination with the Saudi Center for Energy Efficiency, the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Authority, Saudi Customs, and a number of concerned government authorities, in order to improve Energy Efficiency in the Kingdom, and designing special programs to raise the Energy Efficiency, and to overcome the obstacles and difficulties encountered.
MCI calls on all consumers to cooperate with the Ministry and report any absence of the said cards on air conditioners in the shops, by calling the Report Center on 800 124 1616.
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