During Umrah Season, MCI Inspection Teams have carried out more than 1300 Inspection Tours on Shops within 21 days of the Holy Month of Ramadan

09 Jun 2018
Inspection Tours to be continued during the last ten days of Ramadan
MCI inspection teams have carried out more than 1300 inspection tours on shops, gas stations, gold and jewelry stores in Makkah and Medina and the roads leading to them. This is to ensure the availability of products and goods and their alternatives and to control any commercial violations. Consequently, MCI inspectors have seized nearly 136.000 counterfeit or expired products, in violation and contrary to the standard specifications. This is as part of MCI seasonal work plans and programs, related to the season of Umrah to Makkah and the visit to Medina. Notably, MCI had carried out proactive inspection tours before the beginning of the Holy Month of Ramadan.

The seizures included expired foodstuffs, expired and used tires, fake electrical products, contrary to the Saudi Standard Specifications, such as plugs, chargers, fake and counterfeit cosmetics and perfumes, besides shutting down non-calibrated fuel pumps and counter-calibration gold scales. Therefore, fines were imposed and those responsible were summoned to the Ministry for taking the legal procedures against them.

MCI inspection tours, which were attended by Women's Control Teams, showed the quality, abundance and quantities of the offered goods, foodstuffs and supplies in the markets and stores, located in the central areas of the two Holy Mosques, as well as the shops on the roads leading to the two Holy Mosques, also in the “Ihram” places.

Meanwhile, MCI would continue to carry out the inspection and monitoring rounds, related to the season of Umrah to Makkah and the visit to Medina, especially during the last ten days of the Holy Month of Ramadan, targeting the availability of goods, foodstuffs and supplies, besides checking their validity, also monitoring any cases of commercial fraud and price manipulation, as well as  following up the commitment of placing the price tags on the items by centers and shops, also matching the price on the item with the one at the cashier, in addition to verifying the reality of promotions and sales, which usually increase during Ramadan and with the increase of pilgrims and visitors to the Holy Places. MCI would take all legal measures against any violation, or against any effects on Supply and demand, also the inspector would ensure the commitment of the commercial Establishments with the Rules & Regulations, including the Anti-Commercial Fraud Law, the Commercial Data System and the Trademark System.

MCI calls on all consumers to cooperate and to lodge their complaints and observations through MCI Consumer Call Center "1900", or through the application of a Commercial Violation Report, or via the Ministry's official website.

Last Modified 25 Dec 2018