For Ramadan Season, MCI Inspection Teams Carried out Inspection Tours on the Goods and Foodstuffs, more than 6,000 Stores Inspected till now

08 May 2018
Violation Notices Given to 460 Stores Last Week.
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment has been implementing the seasonal inspection plan for the Holy Month of Ramadan in various regions of the Kingdom. This is to check and control the goods and foodstuffs usually offered in Ramadan, also to ensure the availability of the basic and consuming items and their alternatives, as well as to verify the validity of the foodstuffs, also to monitor and seize any  commercial fraud and manipulation in prices, besides taking the proper actions towards any effects on supply and demand, also verifying the reality of the sales and promotions offered during the Holy Month in the commercial centers and markets, in order to  protect and preserve the consumers’ rights.

The field inspection tours, carried out by MCI inspectors last week, resulted in the inspection of 6,419 commercial establishments. 2,669 food items seized, 460 violation notices given to the violating stores, while the owners were summoned by MCI for taking the legal measures against them.

Meanwhile, most of the violations related to the Commercial Data System, including not placing the price tag on the products, the bills are not written in Arabic, the price on the shelf does not match the one with the cashier, in addition to violations related to Anti-Commercial Fraud Law, represented by offering expired items.

MCI would like to confirm the continuation of the inspection tours on the shops and markets in different regions of the Kingdom, to verify the commitment of placing the price tags on the offered goods, and to ensure that the price of the item does not differ with the one at the cashier, besides monitoring the sales and promotions offered during the Holy Month to ensure the absence of any deception or manipulation towards the consumers, also to take all legal measures against any violation and to impose the proper penalties on the offenders.

MCI calls on all consumers to lodge their complaints and observations through MCI Consumer Call Center (1900), or through the application of a Commercial Violation Report, or via the Ministry’s website. 

Last Modified 25 Dec 2018