MCI, Inspection Campaigns continued and Resulted in Detecting Perfume Forgers and closing the Involved Plant in Riyadh

08 Feb 2015
The Owner and Labors were Summoned for Investigation and Imposing the Legal Penalties 

MCI continued its control campaigns on those involved in forgery and fraud, which resulted in closing a plant in Riyadh, involved in the storage and filling of counterfeit perfumes for famous brands through the allegation that they are made in "France". The inspectors monitored the storage of large quantities of counterfeit perfumes, ready for selling and marketing to consumers, claiming that they are original. More than 7 thousand packets have been seized, while the owner and labors were summoned for investigation and taking the legal procedures against them.

During the site inspection, MCI inspectors monitored the presence of empty bottles of perfume for famous brands, ready for filling and packaging in order to be distributed in the local market, in addition to the storage of large quantities in random ways, without any trade data, they included more than 3 thousand packets bearing the brand of “pure women" , in addition to more than 5 thousands empty packets for famous brands that had been seized before filling and storing. 

MCI had announced earlier the involvement of an expatriate from Arab nationality in running a plant specialized in producing counterfeit perfume in Al Masane`a quarter, south of Riyadh, where the inspectors monitored putting famous brands on the outer packaging which read "Made in France", as it turned out that illegal labors were filling and labeling them, then to be marketed and sold to the shops and thus cheating and misleading the consumers. The plant was closed and those involved were summoned for investigation and taking the legal penalties against them. 

This came in the context of the inspection campaigns carried out by the Ministry on the factories, warehouses and shops in all regions of the Kingdom, to verify the safety of the manufacturing plants, the quality of stored materials, the items offered for sale, the availability of official licenses, and to ensure the absence of violations that may harm the health and safety of the consumer.

MCI emphasizes that it will not tolerate in imposing the legal penalties on violators and those involved in the practice of fraud and counterfeiting, and all that put the health and safety of consumers at risk.

MCI calls on all consumers to report their complaints and observations to the Notification Center in the Ministry through the toll-free No. 1900.
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