MCI Inspection Teams Detected a Site for Fake Mobile Accessories in Riyadh. After 24 hours, two Sites for Counterfeit Tobacco Products had been detected as well in Jeddah

08 Jan 2018
25 tons of Raw Tobacco, JRAC and 500 kg Sawdust Seized
Within less than 24 hours after the seizure of two million and 750 thousand fake and counterfeit mobile phone accessories at an illegal site in Riyadh, MCI inspection teams have detected two illegal warehouses in Jeddah involved in producing counterfeit tobacco in Jeddah.

The inspection teams raided the two warehouses at Al-Khomrah neighborhood in Jeddah. (21.5 tons) raw tobacco, more than (3 tons) JRAC ready-for-sale, 500 kg sawdust, 734,860 stickers bearing false trademarks and (50400) packets of ready mix tobacco were seized.

MCI inspectors detected as well two cases of Commercial cover up. Meanwhile, the two sites were shut down and the owners were summoned by the Ministry for taking the necessary legal procedures.

Last Modified 25 Dec 2018