Within 5 days, MCI Inspectors have inspected 14,396 Commercial Establishments and Detected 910 Violations

08 Jan 2018
MCI inspection teams carried out inspection tours on commercial establishments in different regions of the Kingdom to ensure the regularity of their work and to verify the abundance of commodities, basic goods and petroleum products, also to control all violations, including circumvention of prices, the difference between the price on the shelf and that with the cashier and the refrain of providing or giving coins as the rest of the total price.

Meanwhile, 14,396 Establishments had been inspected and 910 violations were detected during the last week, under the direct supervision of the Joint Operations Room for Consumer Protection.

MCI inspection teams detected some irregularities related to Anti-Commercial Fraud Law and the Commercial Data System. This is concurrently with the enforcement of VAT and the new energy prices.

The Ministry of Commerce and Investment would like to confirm that it has taken all necessary precautions in cooperation with government agencies, including the security authorities, under the supervision of the Joint Operations Room for Consumer Protection, to ensure rapid intervention in various regions of the Kingdom and to carry out the inspection tours and respond to consumer’s complaints and reports immediately, also to take the necessary legal procedures.

MCI calls on all consumers to cooperate and to lodge their complaints to MCI Consumer Call Center 1900, or through the application of a Commercial Violation Report or via Ministry's website.

Last Modified 25 Dec 2018