National Center for Competitiveness Inks a Deal with UNCTAD to Leverage Its Expertise in Streamlining Trade Processes

07 Dec 2023


Today in Geneva, the National Center for Competitiveness and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) sealed a pivotal agreement. This deal taps into UNCTAD's global expertise in trade facilitation, logistics, e-commerce, and consumer protection, aiming to drive forward economic advancements.

Dr. Majid AlQasabi, Minister of Commerce and Chairman of the National Center for Competitiveness, highlighted during the ceremony — attended by notable dignitaries like Dr. Adel Seraj Mirdad, the Saudi Ambassador to Switzerland, and Ambassador Abdulmohsen Khathila at the UN in Geneva — that this agreement aligns with Vision 2030's objectives. These goals are centered on fostering sustainable economic growth and more robust international integration of the Saudi economy.

AlQasabi emphasized that the agreement's primary focus is to refine and bolster the competitive landscape and the trade framework of the Kingdom. It leverages research, studies, and technical collaboration, particularly in policy review, free trade agreements, trade facilitation, logistics, e-commerce, and consumer protection, all crucial for capacity building and policy refinement.

Following the agreement's signing with UNCTAD Secretary-General Rebecca Greenspan, Dr. Iman AlMutairi, Deputy Minister of Commerce and CEO of the National Center for Competitiveness, underscored the commitment to harnessing diverse international expertise. The agreement is aimed at adopting leading methods and practices to boost the Kingdom's competitiveness, focusing on evaluating free trade agreements, implementing trade facilitation reforms, and thoroughly analyzing policies and frameworks for consumer protection. It also intends to enhance digital economy policies by building capacities to gauge the spread and impact of e-commerce.

The Center is keen on forging effective partnerships with global organizations and competitiveness development centers to draw on their experiences and practices in enhancing and evolving the competitive environment.

UNCTAD, a branch of the United Nations Secretariat, primarily focuses on commercial investment and development issues. It aims to expand trade, investment, and development opportunities, aiding nations in their global economic integration endeavors on equitable terms. UNCTAD also plays a vital role in supporting policy-making across various development aspects, including trade, aid, transport, finance, and technology.

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Last Modified 13 Dec 2023