Launching “Meras” Application on Smart Devices

07 May 2018
The Government Services are Handy Now, Business can be Managed at any time and from anywhere
His Royal Highness Prince Abdullah bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Governor of Makkah Region, Chairman of the Supervisory Committee of Makkah Economic Forum, and H.E. the Deputy Minister of Commerce and Investment Engr. Majid bin Abdullah Al Bawardi, Chairman of the Supervisory Committee of Meras, launch today Meras Application on Smart Devices.

Meras application, which is considered as one of the initiatives of the Committee for Improving Business Performance in the Private Sector (TAISEER), has been launched today during the final session of Makkah Economic Forum, which is held under the theme "From Vision To Achievement."

The aforementioned application includes a range of services provided by several government agencies, in order to facilitate and ease starting and practicing the business through smart devices. All the services relevant to business activity can be provided now in an integrated and easy way for businessmen.

The application enables easy business management at any time and from any place, and allows users to log-in to take advantage of all commercial services by linking with MCI system.

Through this application, you can start your business immediately and at the tip of your finger. Meras application includes MCI services, such as: Services of individual Establishment, Corporate setting up services, trademark services, services of the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources, relevant to issuing and modifying initial industrial licenses, services of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development by enabling businessmen to open a file for the commercial establishment at the time of issuing the commercial registration. Through this application the businessman can review the details of all commercial institutions, as well as register at the chamber of commerce.

This application enables also the businessman to  access “Eltizam” (Commitment) website, related to the Ministry of Finance, which shows the extent of the Establishment's commitment towards the said Ministry, this application makes the businessmen avail of the services of Zakat and Income Authority by giving the opportunity to open files for their establishments upon the issuance of the Commercial Registration, as well as review the commercial institutions’ files at this authority, besides many other services currently available in the first phase of this application.

Meras application is currently available to users of smart devices through My Store "Apple" and "Google play" and can be downloaded through the following link, and by entering the same investor’s login data used with the Ministry of Commerce and Investment:

Last Modified 25 Dec 2018