H.E. The Minister of Commerce and Industry Receives the Award for the Best State to Host the Contest of "The Commercial Creativity Cup "

07 Apr 2014
​After the success of the Kingdom represented by  Qutoof Al Reyadah Company  on 42 countries and winning the prize of entrepreneurship, H.E. the Minister of Commerce and Industry Dr. Tawfiq Bin Fawzan Al-Rabiah received in his office at the  Ministry the prize for the best state to host the Commercial Creativity Cup 2013, which the Kingdom had won represented by Qutoof Al Reyadh Company on 42 countries of the world participated as Hosting States of the competition. This was announced during the Global Entrepreneurship Conference which was held in Moscow recently.
This win came as the culmination of the efforts of  Qutoof Al Reyadh Company, the official representative of the Kingdom in the organization and launching of the Saudi Commercial Creativity Contest that was held for the first time in the Kingdom during 2013.
The meeting was attended by the members of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Week of Global Entrepreneurship: Dr. Ghassan Ahmed Abdullah Al Sulaiman founder of Qutoof Company, Engineer Qasim Maimani, Chief Executive of Arabian Cement Co. , and Mr. Ali Al Othaim board member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Riyadh, Mr. Rakan Al Eidi, MD of Endeavor Saudi Arabia, Mr. Rasheed Al Balla`a,  Mr. Firas Abal Khail , Mr. Nawaf Al-Sahaf, Chief Executive  of Technology Incubators Program( Bader) , King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology.
H.E. the Minister of Commerce and Industry gave his thanks and appreciation for  Qutoof Al Reyadah Company for this success, pointing out that the Kingdom is proud of the global achievement made by the company.
H.E. the Minister reiterated the support and encouragement of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to the entrepreneurship, and those interested in the field of innovation and the commercial and industrial excellence and all that support the superiority of the Kingdom in the global forums.
 For his part, Dr. Ghassan Ahmed Abdullah Al Sulaiman said: "The Saudi Commercial Creativity Cup is a special competition for the business pioneers as it aims at encouraging entrepreneurship in industries that rely on creativity and innovation. The priorities of Qutoof Al Reyadh are to support and strengthen the creative skills among entrepreneurs and help them discover the latent talents inside them. This will result in increasing the opportunities to start their business, which will depend on their personal creative skills"
Qutoof Al Reyadh had organized the first competition in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to support innovation in the contest "The Saudi Commercial Creativity" and won the first position in the Kingdom with the product " Yatouq " a device for making Arabic coffee, which uses special mechanism based on mixing different elements and components to prepare Arabic coffee so as to provide the same quality of Arabic coffee continuously.
Saudi Arabia participated in the international competition held in the Kingdom of Denmark, where the Saudi product " Yatouq " reached the final of the last five states, so it went into competition with Germany , Denmark , Italy and Croatia.
“Qutoof Al Reyadh "Company is currently finalizing the launch of a competition “The Commercial Creativity Cup 2014, under the title: "Turn Dreams into Business". The competition  aims at all businesses in various fields, such as working from home( on line, business activities that rely on the Internet), all types of design , innovative design, design of electronic devices, the design of furniture and furnishings, as well as home accessories and decor, games, architectural design and home creative solutions, software such as applications and computer games, the production of content and related technologies videos , photography , advertisements of entertainment industry, as well as creative ideas that serve the community and industries or daily services, such as agriculture, medical services and the environment.
It is worth mentioning that the competition of the Global Commercial Creativity is a contest aimed at entrepreneurs working in the areas of innovation and creativity and is supported by the Danish Ministry of Trade and Development, the contestants send their action plans for their projects in the competition at the local level of the state, and then the winner at the local level would represent his state in the international competition held in Copenhagen, Denmark in October every year.
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