A Workshop Held between MCI & US Federal Trade Commission on Consumer Protection & Promotion of Competition

07 Mar 2016
Coinciding with the Gulf Consumer Protection Week, MCI has concluded this morning a workshop with experts from US Federal Trade Commission. The workshop, which lasts for two days, aims to exchange expertise in consumer protection and in promoting the competition between the two countries in the field of fair trade.

US Federal Trade Commission has conveyed a message "to address deceptive, unfair and harmful commercial practices that affect the trade competition, beside improving the consumer awareness regarding his free choices, as well as improving the competitiveness in the business sector, and achieving that without impeding the activities of fair business sectors"

This comes as a respond to the Council of Ministers Decree No. (537) earlier this year, which entrusted MCI Deputy Ministry of Consumer Protection to cooperate with local and international organizations for the rehabilitation and training of top management staff in the field of consumer protection, as well as to do the necessary cooperation and exchange of expertise, also to submit proposals and technical support services, to be introduced and made well known to various local and international organizations. 

This workshop comes as an extension of the international cooperation between the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Saudi Arabia and the US Federal Trade Commission, after making mutual visits and exchange of experts, where one expert from MCI is working with the US Federal Trade Commission.

Notably, the workshop discussed several issues, of which the most important are the international cooperation, misleading advertisement, encouraging fair competition, financial fraud and consumer awareness.

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