Two Expats, Running Six Establishments in Khobar, Detected by MCI under the Anti-Commercial Concealment Campaigns

06 Mar 2016
Engaged in Information Technology, Advertisement, Stationery, Office Furniture, Computers Sale and Contracting Activities

As part of MCI campaigns to prosecute those involved in violating the provisions of Anti-Commercial Concealment Law, the inspectors detected six establishments in Khobar run by two Arab expats, engaged in various trading activities under the commercial concealment, as it had been proved by a number of documents and physical evidences. A citizen was involved in such concealment by enabling them of using his own CR in exchange of a percentage of the profits. All parties were summoned by the Ministry for investigation and questioning, and the case was referred to the Bureau of Investigation & Public Prosecution to complete the proceedings, and then to be referred to the Bureau of Grievances for taking a final judgment.

According to the preliminary investigations, the two expatriates were found guilty for managing the said establishments and for being engaged in the activities of information technology, advertisement, contracting, office furniture, stationery, sale and maintenance of computers under the concealment of a citizen. A number of documents, official papers and contracts of big amounts of money, signed by the expatriates were found in the site.

The details go back when the Ministry received a tip from a citizen suspecting the existence of a commercial concealment case.  After doing the necessary investigation by the judicial officers in the Ministry, it turned out that the two expats had been running the six establishments without any supervision or follow-up by the citizen, despite the fact that they were registered under his own name.

This comes at a time when MCI has been implementing inspection campaigns to combat commercial concealment in various regions of the Kingdom, where the Ministry had detected a number of violations, and the necessary legal procedures had been taken, which may reach up to two years' imprisonment and a fine of SR one million for each violator, also deporting the non-Saudis from the Kingdom, as well as the closure and liquidation of the trading activity and writing off the Commercial Registration, besides the prohibition of practicing the same business for a period of five years, more over, implementing defamation periodically against the violators in the local newspapers at their own expense. 

MCI would like all those concerned to cooperate   and report any case of commercial concealment, if the evidence is proved, through the toll free number 1900, or through the application of a Commercial Notification, since the Ministry is granting a financial reward for the informant, which may reach up to 30% of the value of the sentenced fines after collection.

Last Modified 25 Dec 2018