Upon the Issuance of the Royal Decrees to ease the Financial Burden on Citizens, MCI Intensifies its Control on the Markets to Monitor any Violation, Warning against Exploiting the Annual and Living Expenses Allowances

06 Jan 2018
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment announces that it has intensified the field inspection on markets and Establishments to monitor any violations related to the above mentioned issues, warning of any circumvention in prices or exploiting the Royal Decrees issued this morning, including the payment of the annual allowance for civil and military state workers, as well as the allowance of living expenses for citizens, also the bonus for the soldiers in combat on the Kingdom’s southern border, besides increasing the rewards for boys and girls students to ease the financial burden, resulting from the current economic reforms.

These inspection tours are conducted in cooperation with 18 government authorities, representing the Joint Operations Room for Consumer Protection. MCI will not hesitate in imposing the legal penalties against the violators, calling on all consumers to lodge their complaints or observations through MCI Consumer Call Center "1900" or through the application of a Commercial Violation Report or via the Ministry's website.

Last Modified 25 Dec 2018