MCI Launches a New E-Service for Issuing Sales Licenses Electronically

06 Mar 2016
The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has launched the service of issuing the sales licenses electronically through the following link: This is to be added to a series of MCI e-services that serve the commercial sector. This service would allow the merchant of getting the sales license electronically from his office, and wherever he is in the Kingdom.

The Ministry stressed the importance of this new e-service in proving the credibility of sales and promotions offered by the markets and commercial facilities, indicating at the same time its on-going commitment and endeavors to verify the reality of sales and to ensure the absence of manipulation or misleading towards the consumers and to eliminate all phantom sales or false offers.

MCI pointed out that this service is completely electronic, where the owners are able now of getting the sales license through their CR from any part of the Kingdom, the merchant can also add the agency or the trademark he is going to make sales for, and he can extend the validity of the license automatically.

MCI calls on all those who are interested in making sales to have access to the e-portal through the following link. click here

Last Modified 25 Dec 2018