MCI Launches the New Version of its Portal

05 May 2015
The United Nations Standards and those Disabled have been taken into Account
MCI has launched its new electronic portal, in line with the global standards, most notably the United Nations and the Association of the World Wide Web standards (W3C). 

This came in the context of the development process adopted by MCI, which aims at the entire e-Government transformation, taking advantage of the latest technology to serve the beneficiaries, as well as implementing many initiatives and development projects, which provide more opportunities for the advancement of commerce and industry sectors in the Kingdom. 

The e-Portal, in its new shape, includes an interactive map for all MCI branches and offices, with the ability to view locations and the details of interactive communication. The e-Portal also enables its users to access their transactions submitted to the Ministry and do the necessary follow-up, this is due to the direct linking between the e-portal and MCI Administrative Communication System.

The e-Portal, in its new shape, displays the Ministry's efforts in different areas of development, including adopting the concept of e-community participation, as well as taking advantage of the opinions and suggestions of the public and beneficiaries for the development of its work, also displaying the steps taken by the Ministry to embrace the concept of sustainable development and preservation of environment, with all related projects, works and initiatives, implemented in accordance with the scientific plans, in addition to publishing MCI news and decisions and other various materials that are published both in Arabic and English. 

The new version of the e-portal applies the standard of easy access and use. This is for the benefit of e-portal visitors and users, for example the content has been re-distributed in a way that takes into account the needs of all users without overlooking the disabled people (auditory, visual, kinetic) and enable them to browse the e-portal content through various ways, along with supporting the e-portal with a number of interactive properties, including the automatic design respond with the used screen either through tablets or handheld or even when you change the screen size, which is known as the property of (Responsive Design), as well as supporting high quality Retina Screen(Retina Ready); to enable the visitor to browse the e-Portal easily and smoothly. The design has been given special care and attention to look modern and fascinating and to go in line with the MCI identity with regard to the general shape and colors.

In light of MCI pursuit and efforts to share the views and opinions of the public for the development of all its work, the Ministry calls on all the beneficiaries to access and browse the e-portal, and then submit  their suggestions and constructive comments in order to contribute in the development of the e-portal and to achieve the highest benefit.
Last Modified 25 Dec 2018