National Anti-Commercial Concealment Program Conducts Inspection Visits to Warehouses without Signs in Riyadh

04 Oct 2023


Inspections conducted based on data and AI

Inspectors from government agencies helping the National Anti-Commercial Concealment Program, along with security support, have utilizing data and AI-driven insights to conduct inspections in Riyadh. They focused on warehouses that had no signs and raided some which were found to be involved in carpentry, welding and upholstery activities. 

During these inspections, they identified potential commercial fraud, unlicensed operations, and labor violations. As a result, the warehouses were shut down, and their owners were called in for further legal proceedings under the Anti-Concealment Law. 

The Program remains steadfast in conducting its inspection visits, diligently ensuring that commercial establishments adhere to the market regulations. Its primary focus is to tackle any infractions or illicit activities associated with the Anti-Concealment Law within all economic activities and sectors. These comprehensive visits are strategically driven by suspicious indicators that hint at potential concealment practices.

Violators of the Anti-Concealment Law face up to five years in prison and an SR5 million fine. Illicit funds will be seized once final court judgments have been rendered against the accused. 

In addition to these statutory penalties, there are additional sanctions, which include: Shutdown of the business, liquidation of the business operations, revocation of commercial registrations, prohibition from conducting commercial activities; payment of zakat and taxes; deportation of the individual involved in the concealment practices from the Kingdom, with a permanent ban on their return for employment.

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Last Modified 10 Oct 2023