"MCI" closes the three warehouse to recycle contaminated sponge in Hail

04 Sep 2016
Captured workers that collect it from dumpsters and landfill
MCI inspection teams seized and closed three warehouses in Hail, that were recycling contaminated sponge materials after collecting them from local dumpsters and landfill. The inspection teams were monitoring the activity of a contracting garbage cleaning company that collects and sells sponge to a factory that worked in the production of sponge mattresses and pillows. The target was to re-case the products and sell them at the prices of a new one to deceive the consumers. All quantities were seized and destroyed, and the owners were asked to present themselves to the authorities to apply the statutory procedures.
This came during the Ministry's inspection tours that aimed to verify the commitment of warehouses and establishments' commercial businesses in the region, and to safeguard the consumers from all forms of fraud and counterfeiting.
The inspection teams also seized a truck that belonged to a contracting garbage cleaning company that were used to move the contaminated sponge to the warehouses, where the inspection teams found different chemical material for cleaning and disinfection. The sponge was shredded by machines designed and made especially for that purpose, then store it in the warehouses to prepare it for the re-casing process at another site before distributing it in the market.

The ministry confirms that they will continue the inspection tours of warehouses, factories, and businesses, to ensure their regular work, and the absence of fraud practices on consumers, and no exploitation of the demand for purchase in the sale and marketing of any counterfeit or adulterated goods, also emphasizes that there will be no tolerance in the applying the statutory penalties on violators and those who involved in the practice of fraud, to safeguard the consumers..

The ministry hopes for the consumers' cooperation and urges them to report to the consumer call center on this number 1900, or through the application of "commercial report."
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