MCI Inspection Teams Storm Warehouse Packaging & Selling Saudi Flour for Emirates' Mash Grains

04 May 2013
MCI inspection teams, recently, stormed a warehouse at Seyhat, in the Eastern Region, which is used to cheat consumers, by packing local flour and selling it for imported Emirates' mash grains, as it mix the flour with rice.
The warehouse, then, distribute the material in the local markets, as an imported commodity.
The teams closed the warehouse, seized equipment and brought its owner and employees to investigation authorities, to be judged, in the light of the Anti-Fraud Regulation.
 MCI teams stormed the warehouse following a report of the of Grain Silos and Flour Mills' Organization, complaining that there are a warehouse in the town selling Saudi flour for Dubai flour.
The action spotlight the constructive collaboration between MCI and the Grain Silos and Flour Mills' Organization, to check in flour local market, guarantee a non-harming manipulation free consumer's trade and to punish offenders.
MCI teams obtained, too, information that led to a previous case of fraud against this warehouse and violation of the sanitary terms.
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