MCI, Serving 84,000 Customers through the Business Service Center and Implementing 69,000 Electronic Transactions during March 2020 AD

04 Apr 2020


MCI is proceeding it Tasks by carrying out 59.000 Inspection Tours and releasing 7.000 Direct Violation Notices against the Violators

The Ministry of Commerce continues to provide all its services to the consumers and the business sector in all regions of the Kingdom, during this exceptional circumstance the world is witnessing due to the outbreak of the "Covid-19”.

Since the outbreak of "Corona" crisis, the Ministry of Commerce has worked on major tracks to ensure business continuity, meet the needs of consumers and the business sector, enhance partnership with relevant authorities, and carry out monitoring, follow-up and analysis of prices and data of food suppliers, stock, and warehouses, in addition to inspecting the local markets and hypermarkets.

During the month of March 2020, the Ministry provided its services to 83,934 customers through the Business Service Center, and the Ministry's customers implemented 69,273 e-services via the unified link of e-services

During the last month of March, MCI inspection teams carried out 59,456 inspection tours in all regions of the Kingdom. Meanwhile, 7,139 direct violation notices were released, necessary legal penalties were imposed against the violators.

In cooperation with Food & Drug Authority, MCI inspection teams confiscated and seized more than 16.5 million masks and sterilizers, the valid ones were distributed in the markets, and the invalid ones were destroyed in cooperation with the concerned health authorities.

The Ministry calls on all consumers to report and lodge their complaints through MCI Consumer Call Center (1900), or through the application of a Commercial Violation Report, or via the toll free number of the Business Service Center (920000667).

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Last Modified 04 Apr 2020