MCI has been Awarded " Marketing Pioneers " Prize, for the Third Time, on its Campaign for Recalling the Defective Goods (Hand it Over to Me and You will be Safe)

04 Mar 2019


The Ministry of Commerce and Investment has been awarded "The Marketing Pioneers" prize for the third time for the awareness campaign to recall the defective goods, under the title (Hand it Over to Me and You will be Safe). This campaign has been launched by MCI to raise awareness of the importance of Recalling Defective Goods  in the Kingdom. This is in conjunction with launching Recalling Defective Goods Website. Therefore, the percentage of the consumers' response to such campaigns has been raised from 20% to 44%.

Notably, MCI has achieved the first rank in the course of Governmental Organizations after adopting innovative, creative and attractive method depending on thrill and excitement, contrary to the ordinary campaigns of the governmental bodies and organizations.

Through MCI awareness campaign (Hand it Over to Me and You will be Safe), the Ministry has conveyed numerous messages to all consumers. This is based on MCI pivotal role in developing and organizing after sales services, taking into consideration the consumers' protection by following-up their complaints about manufacturing defects. This would absolutely enhance the consumer's safety, also guarantee and protect his rights.

It is worth mentioning that MCI had achieved the second rank for "Marketing Pioneers" in 2017, through the Hashtaq "Recognize Your Right", through which the Ministry conveyed several awareness messages for the consumers during the past years. This is to educate the consumer and the trader of their rights. 

During 2018, MCI had been awarded the same prize for "Customer Service Center". Notably, this Service Center provides the opportunity for all beneficiaries to get all MCI  services in one place. Therefore, the Ministry was ranked second in the "Shop of the Year" award.

Last Modified 05 Mar 2019