The Joint Operations Room for Consumer Protection Confirms the Continuation of the Control and Inspection Campaigns and the Direct Response to Complaints

04 Jan 2018
 The Second Meeting was held with the attendance of 18 Government Agencies
The Joint Operations Room for Consumer Protection held its second meeting today at the Ministry of Commerce and Investment headquarter in Riyadh, attended by 18 government agencies representing the Standing Committee for Consumer Protection. 

The Joint Operations Room discussed the coordination of efforts and the joint field inspection rounds during the last days in all regions of the Kingdom, stressing the continuation of control and inspection campaigns to detect and stop any violations and for taking the necessary legal measures against the violators, confirming as well that the concerned authorities will not hesitate to apply the R&R and to impose the legal penalties against any violation, besides following-up the prices of commodities and the abundance of products and goods in the markets.

The Joint Operations Room is targeting all sectors related to consumers to confront any negative effects that may arise out of the current economic reforms, besides intensifying the awareness campaigns and speeding up the response to consumers’ complaints, in addition to imposing penalties against the violators. Weekly reports to be submitted on what has been achieved in the field.

During the meeting, the joint inspection rounds were reviewed by the attendants before and after the implementation of economic reforms in all regions of the Kingdom. The most prominent consumers’ complaints were monitored and highlighted as well.

The Joint Operations Room stressed the importance of the consumer's role and cooperation with the government authorities by lodging complaints and reports about any violations.

It is worth mentioning that the Joint Operations Room was formed by the Council of Ministers’ decision to enhance the consumers’ protection during the current economic reforms, including: Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Commerce and Investment, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Labor and Social Development, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, General Authority for Food and Drug, General Authority for Zakat and Income, Electricity and Dual Production Authority, Consumer Protection Association, General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage, General Authority for Competition, General Authority for Statistics, Commission of Communications and Information Technology.

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