Sale of Burj Bakkah Scheme|Worth more than SR 127 million

03 Sep 2013

Real Estate Committee Cancels Selling of Al-Tashlih Scheme


Under the chairmanship of the Minister of Commerce and Industry Dr. Taufik bin Fozan Al-Rabia'ah, the real estate committee has decided on Monday to sell Burj Bakkah scheme lot against more than SR 127.9 as SR 19.45 per square meter.
The lot has been awarded to Mauttin Real Estate co, as it was the highest bidder for the scheme, that situated at the entrance of Haram area, in the intersection of the third ring road.   
On the other hand, the committee rejected a bid to buy Al-Tashlih scheme lot, in Jeddah, as the bids failed to attain the fair price valued for the lot. Instead, the committee decided to receive direct sales' bids for the scheme lot measured more than 600 thousand sq.m.
Real estate committee approved a number of public auctions during the next days, to sell remaining scheme lots such as Al-Muhandiseen in Dalam on Wednesday 5/11/1434 in Dalam, Jawharah auction on Monday 10/11/1435 in Majmaah and 
Two other auctions, in jouf, following the next coming Eid. 
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