The Growth of Commercial Registrations for Restaurants Increased by 19% during 2018 AD, as Announced by MCI

05 May 2019


Commercial Registrations for restaurants have grown by 19% during 2018, where the number of C.R. issued during 1918 reached (13501), compared to (11290) C.R. during 2017. The total number of existing C.R. for restaurants is (64,074).

Makkah region topped the list of the most active areas in the issuance of C.R. for restaurant activity during 2018, where the number reached (3,667) C.R., followed by Riyadh region (3,020),, and the Eastern Region by (2,295) C.R.

MCI explained that this growth comes in line with the reforms and improvements witnessed by the business sector during the last period, as well as facilitating the procedures to start up business. MCI has cooperated with a number of concerned parties to achieve that, including linking all relevant authorities with one e-platform, so it is easy now to issue C.R., Social Insurance, labor, Zakat and Income File, also Municipality License through this e-platform. The e-services included as well subscription in the Chamber of Commerce, also amending or renewing the commercial registration by using the Security Verification Mechanism through linking with the Ministry of Interior and "Absher" service.

Notably, "Meras" Center, which provides more than 112 e-services, has also contributed to facilitating and easing the start of business.

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Last Modified 05 May 2019