H.E. Minister of Commerce & Investment Announces that, within Three Years, the Growth of Corporate Reached 24% and the Establishments by 11% in the Eastern Region

03 Apr 2019


MCI New Organization Chart Keeps Abreast of Global Developments by Establishing an E-Commerce Center, Adopting Technical Solutions and Smart Business

H.E. Minister of Commerce and Investment Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al Qassabi announces that the growth of Corporate reached 24% and the Establishments by 11% over the past three years in the Eastern Region. This comes as a result of the reforms and improvements witnessed by the business environment, and for facilitating and easing the start-up of business.

H.E. Dr. Al-Qasabi said during his meeting with entrepreneurs of both gender in the Eastern Region that the Commercial Registrations issued during the past three years in the Eastern Region reached 181,086. This is for 29,869 companies, with a growth rate of 24% and for 151,217 Establishments with growth rate of 11%.

His Excellency Dr. Al Qasabi confirmed that the cabinet approval on the new organization chart, which comes after 15 years of the previous one, will play a major role in supporting and empowering the trade and investment sector, adding that the new organization chart is giving great interest to e-commerce, besides developing, boosting, stimulating and highlighting its advantages, in addition to relying heavily on quick technical solutions and smart business. This is to keep pace with the global developments, and to go in line with the modern trading patterns.

MCI new organizational chart includes creating an E-Commerce Center for developing and motivating the transactions of such commerce, so that to cope with the best international practices. The new organization chart has direct coordination with the e-commerce board to ensure the implementation of decisions and initiatives.

The new organization chart also includes creating a Deputy Ministry for Customer & Branch Services. This is to raise the level of services and the quality of branch performance, as well as establishing a Deputy Ministry for Planning and Development, to provide the best innovative and technical solutions, thus enhancing smart business and improving the capabilities of the Ministry.

One of the prominent features of the new organization chart is renaming " The Deputy Ministry for Technical Affairs"  to the Deputy Ministry for Policies and Regulations" to cover and develop the entire legislative system. Also renaming the "Deputy Ministry for Internal Trade" to "Deputy Ministry for Business and Investment" to enhance legislation, supervision and to facilitate investment.

 The new organization chart also includes the establishment of an office to manage the transformation process, so that to ensure the implementation of the Ministry's strategy and objectives.

It worth mentioning that during the last period, MCI has introduced a number of reforms and improvements to the business environment to facilitate the start-up of business, besides enabling setting up a company within 30 minutes, also providing 62 e-services, as well as MCI has expanded Model Customer Service Centers, taking into consideration the concept of a comprehensive employee.

MCI has recently issued decisions to empower companies, notably: The issuance of sub-C.R. for the establishments that carry out similar activities at the same area is no longer required, also amending  the Commercial Registration and corporate Regulations, as well as enabling holding the board of directors assemblies for the closed joint stock companies without prior approval from the Ministry, more over providing the service of Partners Decisions, and obtaining the commercial registration online.

As part of facilitating and easing the start-up of business, all concerned parties have been linked to "Meras" platform, which now provides more than 112 e-services, provided by 21 Government Authorities.

Last Modified 04 Apr 2019