In order to Stimulate E-Commerce and Smart Solutions, MCI Provides the Commercial Registration Data Online and Free of Charge

02 Nov 2019
402 Establishments have Benefited from such Data in the Private Sector 

The Ministry of Commerce and Investment calls on all private sector Establishments to avail of the commercial registration data provided to the companies and institutions free of charge through the e-portal "Wathiq". Notably, the number of beneficiaries who have made use of such data reached 402 of the private sector establishments during the trial period of this service, which started mid-May 2019.

This initiative reflects the Ministry's interest and support for the business sector to avail of C.R. data online and to make use of other MCI smart applications. The Ministry aims to promote and stimulate e-commerce and digital transformation in the Kingdom, besides strengthening the private sector and raising the reliability of e-commerce, also contributing to business growth and creating new opportunities for enterprises in various sectors.

"Wathiq" e-portal is one of MCI services provided to beneficiaries to enquire about all commercial registration data relevant to companies and establishments, in details, such as the trade name, status of C.R. and date, activity description, address, capital, geographical distribution of the commercial activities and other data related to the commercial entity. 

"Wathiq" e-service allows the customers to create their own Web Services online, according to their needs. Data enquiry online can be done by using the C.R. number.

The Ministry has already announced and called on those wishing to obtain the basic data of the Commercial Register online, by having access through the e-portal (​) and register with the free basic package and receive the relevant (APIs).

Notably, the huge data that are available for free to small and medium enterprises could be used easily online. The total number of the current commercial registrations reached (1,190,180). This is up to the end of 1440 AH, with a growth rate of 5, 53%, compared to the previous year.

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Last Modified 03 Nov 2019