For the First Time in Hajj Season, MCI Involves Women's Teams in Controlling the Markets and Monitoring Violations

02 Sep 2017
Women Inspectors Participate within 153 Field Inspection Teams in this Hajj Season 1438 AH
For the first time in its history, MCI employs women inspector in this Hajj season 1438 AH. They are deployed to control the markets and monitor any violation. This is within 153 field inspection teams, supported by 109 vehicles carrying out the functions and tasks of the Ministry. Such as following-up the status of food supplies and consuming items, also verifying the abundance, quality, validity and prices of goods and foodstuffs at the booths and sales outlets, besides ensuring the absence of fraud, cheating or manipulation, in addition to maintaining the health and safety of pilgrims.

MCI field inspection teams carry out and perform their duties around the clock in this Hajj season, while the women inspectors carry out the functions and tasks entrusted to them inside the women's shopping centers and markets.

Meanwhile, MCI inspection teams continue to supervise and monitor the sales outlets, ensure the quality and validity of goods and their conformity with the approved standard specifications. In addition to controlling and checking auto tires and oil shops and their conformity with the standard specifications, also calibrating and checking the quality of fuel pumps and the relevant prices on the main and branch roads of Makkah, Medina and Holy Places.

Last Modified 25 Dec 2018