MC: Records of manufacturing industries in Jizan city grow 24% during H1 2023

03 Aug 2023


The Ministry of Commerce has revealed a remarkable 24% growth in the registration of records for the manufacturing industries in Jizan city during the first half of 2023. The number of commercial records issued for the sector reached 398, compared to 321 records issued in the first half of 2022. The total number of existing records for the manufacturing industries in Jizan city stands at 2,288.

The manufacturing industries sector is one of the promising sectors in Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, encompassing numerous significant activities, including shipbuilding, manufacturing household electrical appliances, furniture production, musical instrument manufacturing, consumer electronics, computers and peripherals manufacturing, communication equipment manufacturing, iron and steel casting, and machinery repair.

The Jizan region is witnessing significant industrial growth with the establishment of the Jizan Industrial City, focusing on localizing heavy, petrochemical, mining, and manufacturing industries. The city aims to ensure vital energy supplies, promote shipbuilding, invest in mineral, agricultural, livestock, and fishery resources, and inaugurate the Jizan Industrial City port in September 2022. This port strengthens the national industrial strategy and boosts exports.

Last Modified 03 Aug 2023