Nomination are now open for the Riyadh Chamber elections for the upcoming term (1445-1449H)

01 Dec 2023


The Riyadh Chamber of Commerce election committee has opened candidate nominations for its board of directors for the term 1445-1449H (2023-2027). This call, starting from today, Thursday, November 30, 2023, invites applications for a 15-day period. Eligible candidates must meet specific criteria outlined in the commercial chambers' regulations, which include:

1. A minimum of ten years of relevant business experience, reduced to five years for those with a bachelor's degree or equivalent.
2. An active commercial registration for at least the three years preceding the nomination and up-to-date chamber membership dues.
3. Not currently serving on the board of another chamber.
4. No relatives among the other nominees.

The regulations allow various business leaders, including enterprise owners, managers, chairpersons of boards, or directors, to stand for election. These leaders must have had their commercial registration for at least one year. Additionally, non-Saudi nationals are eligible to run for a board position.

Candidates interested in running for the board are encouraged to apply through the provided online link:​


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Last Modified 12 Dec 2023