400 Thousand Corrupted Foodstuffs and Consuming Commodities had been seized by MCI Comprehensive Campaigns on 40 Warehouses and Rest Houses South of Riyadh

01 Nov 2015
The Sites Were Shut down and those Involved had been Summoned for Investigation and Taking the Necessary Legal Procedures

MCI Inspectors had carried out inspection campaigns on 40 food warehouses and rest houses south of Riyadh, run by illegal labors. They exploited these sites for refilling, storing and forging the country of origin of consuming commodities. MCI campaigns resulted in the seizure of about 400 thousand foodstuffs and consuming items, including large quantities of corrupted foodstuffs bounced from commercial markets, besides counterfeit consuming items for famous brands had been re-packaged and refilled in order to cheat and deceive the consumers. All sites in violation had been shut down, while those responsible were summoned for investigation and taking the legal procedures against them.

This comes as a result of the cooperation and coordination between MCI and the joint security campaigns, where inspection rounds had been carried out in the Factories District, Addar Albaidha, Azizia and Ha'ir, located south of Riyadh, resulted in the detection of random warehouses and rest houses, run by illegal labors, who used to store and resell expired and counterfeit foodstuffs and consuming items.

MCI inspectors had shut down a warehouse in the Factories District, involved in refilling and storing more than 75 thousand packets of counterfeit detergents for famous brands, included "Hand Soap, Dettol and cosmetics". A rest house had been shut down as well in Addar Albaidah quarter, used to store counterfeit auto parts for famous brands, where many counterfeit oil filters had been confiscated for famous brands such as" AC Delco, 4000 pcs", "Toyota, 3000 pcs".

Two food warehouses were shut down by MCI inspectors, run by illegal labors, who used to store, refill and resell corrupted foodstuffs, bounced from different companies. MCI inspectors monitored the corruption, damage and expiry of such items, where more than 3 thousand kinds of chocolate, sweets and juice, unfit for the human consumption due to poor storage, had been confiscated.

Meanwhile, some warehouses had been shut down in Addar Albaidah quarter by MCI inspectors, involved in the storage of electric items, not complying with the Saudi Standard Specifications, where more than 350 thousand items had been seized, including connections, electric sockets and lamps, where the country of origin was forged from "China" to "Germany".
This comes within the ongoing inspection rounds implemented by MCI inspectors to ensure the absence of any cheating or fraud practices on consumers, and to stop exploiting the demand for purchase in selling and marketing counterfeit or adulterated commodities.

MCI stresses that it will not tolerate in imposing the legal penalties on violators and those involved in the practice of fraud, and all that put the health and safety of consumers at risk.

MCI would like all consumers to report their complaints and observations through the toll free number 1900, or through making a Commercial Notification.
Last Modified 25 Dec 2018