MCI, Detection of 10 thousand Corrupted and Adulterated Commodities in the Holy Sites, Makkah

01 Oct 2014
MCI Continues to follow up the Implementation of its Plan for the Pilgrimage Season

The intensive surveillance rounds carried out by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in the Holy Sites resulted in the seizure of about 10.000 corrupted and adulterated commodities, which are considered a risk to the health of the pilgrims, where they were confiscated and destroyed immediately. The necessary statutory procedures are being taken against the violators. 

The seizures included: about 4000 expired foodstuffs, unfit for the human consumption, in addition to a variety of adulterated and anonymous foodstuffs such as (Cake, Pies, sweet   “Basbousa” and nuts).

In addition, more than 300 kg of adulterated and anonymous meat was also seized and destroyed, as well as 5538 of various items such as expired shampoos, counterfeit glasses of famous brands, mobile chargers, electrical plugs and connections in violation of the Saudi specifications. 

MCI continues the implementation of its plan for the pilgrimage season this year 1435H, which aims at providing the best services to the pilgrims in Makkah, Madina and the Holy Sites through verifying the availability of food and catering commodities and intensifying the field inspection rounds on shops, commercial booths and cooled vehicles loaded with food commodities in order to ensure their validity for the human consumption, and to confiscate and destroy the unfit and expired ones, as well as follow-up the counterfeit commodities which are not in conformity with the specifications and standards, to be confiscated and the necessary legal action to be taken in that regards.  

The Ministry has pointed out that the participants in the pilgrimage work have been distributed   in the field teams that carried out inspection rounds and a comprehensive and preventive survey for all markets, shops and commercial booths in Makkah (Central City), in the Holy Sites and their access roads, in anticipation of the arrival of the pilgrims and their presence in the Holy Sites (Mina, Arafat, Muzdalifah).
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