MCI, Adopts a Consolidated Guide Contract for Selling Real Estate Units on the Map

01 Sep 2015
MCI, represented by the program of selling units on the map, has adopted a Consolidated Guide Contract for selling real estate units on the map, which was previously announced to the public to get the views and opinions about it before its adoption.

This contract includes the obligations and rights between the developer and the buyer, such as similar fare, guarantee on the concrete and insulation works, electrical work, plumbing and technical defects, also the preventive, curative maintenance and repair work of the sold real estate unit, and the building in which this unit is located.

This contract also takes into account the time periods specified between the two parties, and the rights and obligations in case of failure to meet such conditions.

This contract comes as a result of the Ministry's efforts and keenness to improve and organize the process of selling real estate units on the map, and to preserve the rights of all parties, as far as the real estate developers and buyers are concerned, through the adoption of this contract as a guide or to be implemented, thereby. 

Those who are interested to view the contract and benefit from it, are kindly invited to access the website of the said program through the following link: Click here.

Last Modified 25 Dec 2018