MCI Calls for Small and Medium Enterprises and Those Interested for a Training Seminar, entitled: Effective Management of Intellectual Property Principles

01 Sep 2014
​MCI Calls for those working in small and medium enterprises and those interested in such institutions to attend a training seminar entitled (Effective Management of Intellectual Property Principles for Small and Medium Enterprises) organized by the Standing Committee of the Intellectual Property Rights in the Ministry in collaboration with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), in Riyadh during the period: 21- 23/11/1435 AH corresponding to 16-18/09/2014 AD, where the seminar aims to raise awareness of the intellectual property principles and their importance to these institutions, such as Trade Marks, Patent, Copyright, Industrial Models, Trade Secrets, and the expected return on the institution as a  result of good management which contributes in the growth of the company locally and its expansion in the global markets, and its protection in those markets.
Those interested to attend are kindly requested by MCI to register their names through the link:
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