MC: 900 inspection visits in a single day to Zakat points of sale, clothes and confectionery outlets in the central area of Makkah and Madinah

01 May 2022
Ministry of Commerce’s inspectors have visited 900 Zakat Al-Fitr points of sale in one day including stores selling garments, Eid supplies, confectionery, gifts, gold and jewelry located in the Central Area of Makkah and Madinah. 

The visits, which took place Kingdom-wide, verified the availability of essential commodities and products and their substitutes and observed commercial violations. 

The inspectors imposed 21 fines for breaches such as displaying a "Zakat Al-Fitr" label on rice packages, not having discount permission, not posting price tags on goods on display, and pricing that does not match with that of cash registers. 

The Ministry's inspection teams will continue visiting all establishments and making sure they are in compliance with the Ministry's regulations, and monitoring marketing promotions offered by stores and markets during this period so that consumers are not defrauded. 

The Ministry is taking all necessary legal actions against any infractions and enforcing penalties on violators.

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Last Modified 05 May 2022