Launching New E-Service for Establishing Companies with the Related Contracts and Commercial Registrations, as announced by MCI

01 May 2016
​The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has launched a new electronic service for establishing companies with the related contracts and commercial registrations through the website This service is considered an extension of the initiatives launched by the Ministry during the last period to serve the commercial and industrial sectors in the Kingdom, where the businessman is able now to establish his company electronically without the need to attend the Ministry`s branches.
MCI has pointed out that this new e-service is characterized of being fast and easy, where the customer can make the relevant contract and issue   the commercial registration electronically, by following only three steps. First, preparing the company`s contract through the said website, then proceeding to the Notary Public for the contract authentication, and finally paying the consolidated bill electronically, which includes fees for contract`s publication, Chamber of Commerce subscription fees, and the charge for commercial registration.
The Ministry has also pointed out that this service will enable the beneficiaries of establishing and issuing the commercial registrations for the limited liability, limited partnership, general partnership and professional companies, in addition to the possibility of transforming a current individual Establishment into a company, besides this service would allow establishing a single person company, as from the enforcement of the new corporate law, to be started on Monday, 25.07. 1437 AH, corresponding to 02.05. 2016 AD.
It is worth mentioning that this service includes many advantages, such as establishing the company`s contract rapidly, which allows instant approval by the Ministry, as well as the detailed contract that allows adding optional items to the contract. This service is also characterized by the application of the unified directory of economic activities (ISIC) concerning the International Standard Industrial Classification of all Economic Activities.
MCI calls on those interested in establishing companies or transforming their individual establishments to companies, to make avail of this service by having access to the following link
Last Modified 25 Dec 2018