MCI Participates in the Events of G.C.C. Consumer Protection Week

01 Mar 2016
Under the Slogan "Our G.C.C. & Consumer are One"
MCI launches a number of campaigns and events that coincide with the GCC Consumer Protection Week, which starts on Tuesday 01.03.2016 AD and lasts for a week. 

GCC member countries announced earlier that they reached an agreement on the law of "a Unified System for Consumer Protection”, so as to promote and develop all regulations and controls that guarantee the rights and needs of the GCC consumer. 

Among the most important campaigns associated with the GCC Consumer Protection Week, the campaign on providing maintenance and spare parts, as well as guarantee of quality, specifically what is related to warranty, under the slogan “Warranty of Minimum Two Years”. 

MCI reiterates the right of all consumers to get a two year warranty as a minimum for all electrical and electronic devices.
MCI would like to point out that if the same fault is repeated for the third time in the electrical or electronic device, during the warranty period, the consumer then has the right to replace it with a new one or to be refunded after deducting the depreciation value. 

 MCI confirms the continuation of its Consumer Awareness Campaigns, so that he has the chance to be aware of his rights and duties, also to be warned of the misleading commercials.

It is worth mentioning that G.C.C. member countries celebrate the events of GCC Consumer Protection Week on the first of March every year, under the joint cooperation and coordination of all GCC member countries, with the participation of a number of government agencies, chambers of commerce & industry and companies. Part of the events would be allocated to raise awareness of the consumer`s role in cooperating with the official authorities in combating commercial fraud and all harmful business practices.

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