The Security of MC E-Portal and its Relevant Systems

The Information Security Department in the Ministry of Commerce has strategic goals about the security of the e-portal and its relevant systems, part of such goals are related to the commitment and adherence to the International Standards, such as ISO 27001, also to the controls of the National Authority for Cyber Security, including the relevant project plan. There are as well security policies and procedures to protect the original data and information against any security risks. Meanwhile, hacker test is carried out periodically on the Ministry’s systems (at least once a year), besides all systems are scanned for security purpose every 3 months. Also Dual Verification is applied to prevent illegal logging in to the Ministry’s websites. This is for enhancing the security and for data protection.

Notably, high restrictions with appropriate complexity are applied on passwords. This is to ensure that weak or simple passwords are not used for logging in, as well as to ensure that hackers will never have access to the customers’ information illegally. 

The Ministry of Commerce E-Portal has a high degree of security on all relevant equipment and servers, where the latest protection devices are used, besides having or applying the best types of Antivirus Software on all e-portal servers.​

Last Modified 08 Aug 2022
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