Policy of Privacy and Terms of Use For commercial communication APP


1. Introduction
The "owner" is committed to protecting the privacy of its users and visitors, and the "application" management will strive to meet the needs of all users and provide them with high-quality services. The following provisions regarding privacy and confidentiality of information constitute a part of the terms and conditions of using the “application”. They apply solely to users’ personal data and are not available to the public (or not available through public records). 

The "application" does not collect personally identifiable information about users or browsers unless they specifically and knowingly provide this information. It is considered permission to create accounts on the "application," and in this case. That information is only used to achieve the required purpose or in accordance with the "Terms and Conditions of the Application". By downloading or using the application, the user agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions listed below. 

Users must stay informed of any changes to the terms and principles of privacy and confidentiality of information and be aware of any updates. The Owner is under no obligation to declare any changes to these Terms and Principles. The User's continuous use of the Application implies that the user has been aware of and agrees to these Terms and Principles, as well as any revisions made from time to time.

When a user submits personal data and information through this "Application" or any "Similar Site" or any "Affiliate" site, the user authorizes the "Owner," the Owners of the "Similar Sites," and the "Affiliates" to store, process, and use that data. The user also authorizes the disclosure of any such information to the appropriate authorities when necessary to comply with any legal requirements, a government request, or a judicial order.

These conditions must be read in conjunction with the definitions and clauses in the "Terms and Conditions" document. 

2. Security of Personal Information ​
The Owner will make every effort to take reasonable and necessary precautions and measures to safeguard the information he or she has and ensure that it is protected from theft, unauthorized access, or disclosure to others. However, the "Owner" is not, in any case, liable for any of the measures taken to protect or prevent the seizure or destruction of data by others, or for the failure or disruption of any precautionary or security measures taken against viruses or any other malicious software.  

3. Gathering Personal Information 
Once downloaded or utilized, the Application will keep a small file known as a "Cookies," which contains information that enables the Application to restore the files as necessary during the User's subsequent visits.  The objective of these files is to speed up browsing, facilitate the use of the Application, and reduce the need for data entry. Data that may be stored in these files includes the user's name and password in order to enable access to their accounts (if the user so chooses). 
The application will use cookies and the information they contain for specific technical purposes, especially when the user logs in the application. 
The "owner" may modify the information scope stored in cookie files in accordance with the benefits and applications used by the user or created by the application or any of the "Similar Sites" from time to time. The owner may also update that information periodically or when user options or data (such as user name or any of its other options) change. 
Data is harvested automatically, cookies are created and updated on a regular basis, and once the application is uploaded, the user accesses the application or performs the action resulting from the creation of the data (such as the creation of an account) without the user's direct intervention or a special notice or request from the application for this purpose. 
The use of data, information and files stored in cookies files is restricted to sheer technical use. Neither the application nor the owner will exchange any information stored in cookie files with others unless such exchange is required by a legal authority, taking into account the lack of liability on the part of the "Owner" when any of the measures taken by him or her are unable to protect or prevent the seizure of the said data by others or when any of those measures are disrupted (due to viruses or other malware). 

4. General Provisions 
These provisions are part of the "Terms and Conditions" for using the Application. The owner may change them at any time without notification to the User.
The Owner is not responsible for any information provided to or collected during the User's presence at any "similar sites" or "Affiliates" sites even if these sites are referred to as a result of using the "App". Those sites have privacy policies and information protection practices that differ from those used by this Application. "Application" and "Owner" absolve themselves from any responsibility for privacy and information security connected to the sites referred to them. It is advisable to review the privacy provisions and policies enacted on such sites to ensure that they are appropriate for the user. 

Last Modified 12 Jan 2023
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