Transformation Office

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The Transformation Office aims to manage the institutional transformation and ensure the alignment of the overall strategy of the Ministry, also achieving its objectives by supporting and enabling the Deputy Ministries and General Administrations to implement their initiatives and projects according to a specific methodology and the best possible performance.

Tasks :

  • Work on formulating the Ministry's strategy, including strategic trends, developing strategic and operational indicators and goals, translating them into executive programs, also monitoring the implementation process.
  • Develop key performance indicators for all levels of strategy and determine the targeted values.
  • Direct supervision, following-up and monitoring of strategic objectives, performance indicators and the functioning of the transformation initiatives and projects associated with the programs of realizing the Kingdom's Vision  2030, and the Ministry's strategy.
  • Harmonizing the Ministry's strategy with the Kingdom's Vision 2030, and translating such strategy into operational plans and programs and disseminating them at all levels of the Ministry's Organization Chart.
  • Supervision and continuous follow-up on the progress of strategic plans, operational programs, initiatives and how far they achieve their objectives.
  • Develop and update the mechanisms for financing the transformation initiatives and projects, including detailed mechanisms through which such initiatives and projects are adopted.
  • Applying global best practices in the management and implementation of initiatives and projects, also analyzing associated risks in order to achieve the desired results.
  • Supporting the Deputy Ministries, branches and departments involved in the development and implementation of programs, projects and initiatives, besides coordinating and collaborating the efforts to achieve the desired results.
  • Support the heads of executive departments, since they are responsible for the results and achievement, and assist them in solving internal problems and challenges that hinder achieving the objectives, initiatives and projects.
  • Submit reports and provide information related to strategic and operational objectives, together with the relevant indicators, initiatives and projects that contribute to achieving the goals to the senior departments of the Ministry
  • Support and empower those who propose initiatives, also the project managers and supporting departments to contribute to a sustainable institutional environment.
  • Supervise the organization, keeping and archiving of papers and files of the office. This would help getting back information, taking into consideration using technology in this field.
  • Determine the office needs of manpower, equipment and materials and work to provide them.
  • ​Any other tasks assigned to the office within its competence.

Last Modified 17 Apr 2019
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