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MCI  Deputy Ministry aims at achieving and developing the policies set for the business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so that to go in line with the Kingdom's Vision 2030 by promoting the participation of the private sector. This includes the commercial registration of all commercial entities in the Kingdom, following up their governance and commitment to protect the rights of traders, shareholders and investors according to the state's commercial regulations, also endeavor to stimulate the trade activities and follow up the potentials of Chambers of Commerce, besides registering the Trademarks, Commercial Agencies and Consulting Professions. MCI Deputy Ministry also aims at developing the internal trade and increasing the effectiveness of the private sector role and encouraging it to contribute in raising the economic efficiency and expanding the fields of commercial activities in the local and international markets.


  • Preparation and implementation of the five-year plan of the Deputy Ministry after getting the necessary approval.
  • Participating in developing and implementing the trade policies to achieve efficiency and creativity of the private sector, thus leading to diversification of production base, also supporting the trade competition and boosting the private sector role and its contribution in the National Economy.
  • To propose Commercial Rules & Regulations, besides reviewing and amending the current applied Rules & Regulations and suggest any amendment, as well as supervising the application of various commercial regulations, whether issued before or after the establishment of the Ministry of Commerce, such as the Commercial System, Corporate Law, Commercial Registration System, Commercial Agency System, Chamber of Commerce Law, Trademark System, and other R&R, regulating and governing the trade and provisions activities, in addition to any relations or activities related to businessmen.
  • Supervising and organizing means of developing the internal trade, also supervising the internal markets and protecting them against any illegal exploitation and monopoly, besides controlling prices, as well as reviewing methods of practicing business, in addition to developing methods and procedures in accordance with the requirements of the public interest.
  • Supervising the issuance of the necessary licenses for the establishment of Chambers of Commerce and their branches, also following up and monitoring the activities and budgets of various chambers, as well as supervising the elections of their boards of directors, and approving their request for organizing exhibitions and shopping events, in addition to approving their request to participate in conferences related to their activities, besides organizing and reception of trade and industrial delegations, more over establishing training centers and all that would contribute to the progress and growth of trade, in accordance with the provisions of Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
  • Supervise the provision of data and information services to businessmen and other specialized government authorities. This is by providing them with the requested data, statistics, information and reports issued by external parties, relevant to the Kingdom's economic, commercial, financial and industrial issues.
  • Supervise the study and analysis of the commercial data and information and their impact on the Saudi economy.
  • Supervise the assessment of the Kingdom's needs of goods, commodities and materials, and prepare the necessary plans to be provided in normal and abnormal times for various parts of the Kingdom, taking into consideration the best sources and lowest prices.
  • Supervise, follow-up and control the supply and demand of goods and materials in the international markets, taking the necessary measures to provide the needs of the local markets, besides identifying the best sources for supply and provisions in cooperation and coordination with businessmen and chambers of commerce.
  • Supervise and control goods stock, and follow up letters of credits, and the actual clearance of goods and materials.
  • Supervise and study the applications for setting up the corporate and their branches, besides reviewing and auditing their memorandum of associations and complete the relevant procedures or amendments thereto.
  • Supervise and encourage the high-tech national companies, that have distinctive economic assets, to undergo the transformation into joint stock companies.
  • Supervise and encourage the incorporation of companies and individual institutions in large corporation, in order to have big capital, besides completing the necessary procedures and registration for such corporation.
  • Supervise, control and examine the budgets of joint stock companies,  shareholder companies and limited liability companies, besides supervising the liquidation of companies and implementing the provisions of the corporate law.
  • Supervise and study the applications for registering companies and individual establishments, with their branches, in various economic activities, besides issuing certificates of registration, amendment, renewal and writing-off, also having control over the corporate, relevant to any violations, as well as implementing the provisions of the Commercial Registration System.
  • Supervise and study of applications of foreign companies to open scientific and technical offices in the Kingdom, as well as the requests received by the Ministry to open representative offices, besides completing the formal procedures for that.
  • Supervise and study the contracts of executive and consulting companies, contracting with government agencies, also issuing the necessary licenses to establish offices for such companies in the Kingdom, besides renewing and terminating the licenses, as well as studying and registering the commercial agents' contracts.
  • Supervise and study the applications and contracts of Commercial Agencies and complete the registration procedures for various kinds of Agencies, besides doing the necessary amendments, issuing the registration certificates, monitoring the work of commercial agencies, control the relevant violations, settle the claims of public right and implement the provisions of the regulations.
  • Supervise and study the applications for registering the trademarks, besides examining such trademarks objectively and formally, and doing the necessary classifications, registration, protection for the trademarks, also following up any updates on the trademarks, such as  transfer, authorization or change, as well as control the use of trademarks, in addition to combating any counterfeiting act on trademarks, and control the violation in accordance with the law.
  • Supervise and study the applications for establishing professional companies, examine their contracts, doing the necessary registration and follow-up any change on the data, also supervise their classification and implement the provisions of the Professional Companies.
  • Supervise and study the applications for licensing the establishment of Free Profession Offices of various kinds, such as Engineering Accounting, Legal Consultations and others, also doing the necessary registration and following-up any development, amendment, renewal or cancellation, besides implementing the provisions of the regulations, decisions and instructions issued thereon.
  • Supervise and register the necessary licenses for Public Service Offices.
  • Supervise and study the applications for investing in hotel projects, also study the economic feasibility of such projects, as well as issue the necessary memorandum of association, besides doing the registration of hotels and recreation centers after being constructed and furnished, in addition to issuing the decisions for their classification and pricing, as well as having control over the hotels to improve their services, ensure safety conditions and confirm their commitment to Hotel Regulations.
  • Supervise and study the application for Automatic and Semi-Automatic Bakeries, also issue the necessary licenses and monitor their implementation.
  • Supervise the issuance and registration of Certificates of Origin for the National Exports, such as industrial, agricultural and livestock products to GCC and other Arab countries and countries of the world.
  • Supervise the registration, classification and dissemination of information related to the trade of goods and services and providing them to the relevant authorities, also issuing the relevant reports and publishing the brochures and posters relating to the means of commercial dealing, besides raising the consumer's awareness, and giving definition about specifications and the composition of materials and goods.
  • Supervise and determine the Deputy Ministry requirements of manpower, financial credits and equipment and take the necessary procedures for providing them after getting the approval.
  • Supervise and prepare periodic reports on the activities and achievements of the Deputy Ministry, as well as the encountered obstacles or difficulties and any suggestions for development.
  • ​Any other tasks assigned to the Deputy Ministry.

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