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The Deputy Ministry aims to achieve policies that enable those interested in private business to engage in commercial, professional, and non-profit activities through simple and straightforward registration procedures and computer applications developed in accordance with the relevant systems. This is to monitor their governance and commitment to the rights and duties and enhance private sector participation in the national economy. It facilitates communication by activating the role of the Council of Saudi Chambers and Chambers of Commerce and helps strengthen collaboration and work with all entities to improve local commerce, increase the effectiveness of the private sector's role, and encourage it to increase economic efficiency and extend the areas of commercial activities .


Setting priorities and preparing annual operational plans and ensure their alignment to the Ministry's strategy. 
Participating in the development and implementation of trade policies to improve the efficiency and competency of the private sector, resulting in the diversification of the production base and the expansion of the private sector's role and contribution to the national economy.
Policy and procedural development in relation to the Deputy Ministry's supervised regulations (Commercial Register Law, Companies Law, Trademark Law, Franchise Law, Chamber of Commerce Law). 
Governance of the procedures for offering enterprise, company, and agency services electronically, as well as monitoring and improving their performance to be more efficient.  
Creating procedures for the provision of manual services in the Ministry's branches, issuing its own evidence, and constantly upgrading them electronically and procedurally. 
Supervising the issue of the required licenses for the establishment of chambers of commerce and their branches.
Overseeing the elections to chambers of commerce's boards of directors, deciding on objections, and submitting the results for the issue of ministerial decisions to form their boards.
Monitoring the performance of chambers and addressing any issues that arise, directing the chambers to complete their mission and tasks in accordance with the law. 
Participating in the development of strategic and administrative objectives for the Chambers of Commerce, the Council of Saudi Chambers of Commerce, and the accompanying financial budgets.
Collaborating with appropriate authorities to make the procedures and requirements for establishing trading entities easier for Saudi and overseas investors and traders. 
Engaging with appropriate authorities to encourage national businesses with economic potential to establish joint stock companies.
Working to simplify the procedures of general assembly and submit them to financial statements.
Following up on corporations' commitments and investigate violations pertaining to the provisions of the Companies Law. 
Following up on the implementation of provisions of laws and regulations regulating business affairs, and registration of commercial agents and franchises. 

Last Modified 28 Apr 2023
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