Abdulaziz Al-Duhaim


Abdulaziz Al-Duhaim, Assistant Minister of Commerce​, has more than ten years of practical experience in the public and private sectors. He joined the Ministry of Commerce as a Legal Consultant, then he served as an Assistant Deputy Minister for Laws & Regulations. then Deputy Minister for Laws & Regulations​ Affairs, Before that he worked in law firms in Riyadh and Dubai.

In addition, Al-Duhaim is a member of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Lawyers Association, the Permanent Committee of Saudi Arbitration Centers, the Board of Directors of the Small and Medium Enterprises Funding Guarantee Program, and the Advisory Board of the College of Law at Al Yamamah University.

Al-Duhaim holds a master’s degree in Commercial Law from Hull University in the UK, and a bachelor’s degree in Sharia from Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in Riyadh. He participated in a number of specialized training programs inside and outside the Kingdom, the most important of which is the Advanced Legislation Program at the University of London (LSE), the Seattle Business Legislation Development Program in collaboration with the US Department of Commerce, and the English Law Program at the University of Cambridge.

Last Modified 16 May 2024
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