Under The Anti-Commercial Fraud Law, 226 Thousand Expired Foodstuffs and Cosmetics Seized by MCI

26 Mar 2017
​During the inspection tours on a number of warehouses in Jeddah, MCI inspectors seized more than 226 thousand expired foodstuffs and cosmetics.
All corrupted and expired items had been seized during the inspection rounds on commercial facilities and warehouses, where 50 thousand expired candy packets had been confiscated, as well as 21.731 thousand expired foodstuffs, and 123,269 thousand chocolate bars, in addition to 31.272 thousand expired cosmetics, or in violation to commercial data system. All the aforementioned items were confiscated, while the owners were summoned for taking the legal procedures and to be referred to the competent authorities.
MCI would like to confirm the continuation of its inspection rounds on warehouses and all commercial facilities to ensure and verify their regular operations, and to eradicate the supply of counterfeit and substandard products in the markets. According to the Anti-Commercial Fraud Law, any violator would be liable to a fine, not more than one million riyals, or imprisonment for a period not exceeding three years, or both of them, with the closure of the shop, in addition to publishing the verdict in two local newspapers at the expense of the violator.
MCI calls on all consumers to lodge their complaints and reports through the Consumer Call Center (1900), or through the application of a Commercial Violation Report via their smart phones.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018