MCI Reveals the Involvement of Lawbreaker Labors in storing 50 thousand Counterfeit Perfume Packets in Al Batha, Riyadh

20 Jul 2014
Detection of Large Quantities of Counterfeit Printers Ink for Famous Brands​

MCI Control Teams revealed the involvement of lawbreaker labors in storing 50 thousand counterfeit perfume packets for famous brands inside two apartments in Batha quarter in Riyadh. The Inspection Teams monitored a group of labors storing such items for the purpose of selling and marketing them to the consumers through the shops and random stands in the streets and in front of the mosques, claiming of being original. All the quantities were confiscated and those involved were summoned for investigation and taking the legal procedures against them. 

The MCI Inspection Teams also seized more than 600 counterfeit perfume packets after monitoring them in a number of nearby shops.  The seizures Included counterfeit perfumes for famous brands such as: "Chanel", "Givenchy", "Polgari," "One Million", "Polo", "locast", "Dunhill" and others.  

MCI had announced during the last period for implementing intensive inspection campaigns that led to the confiscation of more than 100 thousand fake and counterfeit commodities in old quarters at the center of Riyadh. Large quantities of counterfeit perfumes and shampoo for famous brands were confiscated and the suppliers and those selling them in the local markets had been tracked.  

MCI emphasizes the continuation of its inspection campaigns on the commercial and industrial sectors in all regions of the Kingdom, to ensure the absence of fraud and adulteration practices that may hurt the consumer, to respond to the consumer`s notification and to apply the regulation on the violators.  

MCI also emphasizes that it will not tolerate in imposing the legal penalties on the violators and those involved in the practice of fraud, and all that puts the health and safety of consumers at risk. 

MCI calls on all the consumers to report their complaints and observations to the Notification Center in the Ministry on the phone No. 1900.​
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