“Maroof” E-Platform

In order to enhance confidence in transactions relevant to e-commerce between the seller and the e-shopper, and in order to link the process of commercial benefit exchange under a reliable basis to be directly related to the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry has launched "Maroof" e-platform. It is a free service that enables the seller to easily reach a larger group of customers By marketing his store, using all means of communication in a reliable way, so that to link his store with the commercial registration. This e-platform also gives the online shopper a visualization of the quality of services provided to him by the e-stores. Therefore, he is able to view the customers’ opinions and assessments about the e-store, also he can present his experience together with his evaluation of the product.

“Maroof” service and the stores registered in it undergo a periodic follow-up by the Ministry of Commerce to ensure that they don’t violate the Rules & Regulations, as all the Ministry’s regulations are applied on “Maroof” service, especially those relevant to e-Commerce, Anti-Commercial Fraud Law and others.
Publishing Channel: “Maroof” Online Platform – “Maroof” Application on Smart Devices

Participation Adoption: Urging the internet business practitioners, especially those who do not have commercial registrations, to document their activities and obtain “Maroof” certificate, which makes their e-platforms and their social media accounts accredited and trusted, and easily accessible to shoppers.

How did the Customers Participat: More than 46,000 people inside Saudi Arabia have initiated the documentation of their e-sites and accounts on the platform for free. Notably, the e-platform contains more than 10,000 activities for productive families.

Young men and women who wish to document their e-commerce activities can register on “Maroof” e-platform for free, which includes a variety of activities, namely:

  • E-Marketing
  • Photography
  • Kitchen and Baked Items
  • Electronic Solutions
  • Academic Services
  • Women Accessories
  • Design and Printing
  • Party & Event Planning 
  • Coiffure and Beauty
  • Electronics and Accessories
  • Cars
  • Real Estate
  • Furniture and Decoration
  • Crafts and Handicrafts
  • others​

Results: This service has enjoyed great interaction by the owners of e-stores and e-enterprises, since joining of all men and women from various business activities is available for free, with the ability to market in favor of the e-store accounts on all social media, as well as the ability to add other means of communication. This would make it easier for the buyer to complete the purchase in a reliable way.

Last Modified 01 Apr 2020
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