Vision Realization Office

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Ensure that the required results are achieved for initiatives and projects related to the priority areas of the trade and investment system.

Tasks :

  • General supervision on the implementation of the National Transformation Program, in relation to the Ministry of Commerce and Investment, as well as the Kingdom's Vision 2030, according to the plans set out in the main working plan, in order to achieve the goals and objectives within the framework of time and financial aspects.
  • Work to meet the requirements of the Council of Economic Affairs and Development, and follow up their implementation within the implementation plans of the National Transformation Program.
  • Identify the areas of integration and cooperation of all sectors of the Trade and Investment System with different government agencies, and identify the most appropriate mechanism to activate the required integration during the implementation phase of the National Transformation Program.
  • Communicate, coordinate, follow up and raise periodic reports on the program achievement to the Center of Achievement and Rapid Intervention, also to the Council for Economic Affairs and Development and other relevant parties.
  • Empowering and supporting the implementation of the program by contributing to overcoming obstacles, and achieving the objectives in a way to ensure the implementation of the program on an ongoing basis, and to create sustainability in the Ministry of Commerce and Investment System.
  • Permanent coordination with the concerned parties within the Ministry to provide the necessary technical support for the success of the National Transformation Program.
  • Supporting Change Management and Organizational Transformation in the Ministry.
  • Increasing the opportunities for exchange and collaboration among the teams concerned to implement the program. This is to ensure the effective use of the available resources and to share lessons and expertise learned during the implementation of the initiatives.
  • Participation in committees and meetings related to the National Transformation Program and the Kingdom's Vision 2030, in relation to aspect of the Ministry.
  • Supervise the preparation of feasibility studies for projects and initiatives that the Ministry intends to implement, and propose methods for implementation.
  • Prepare and submit periodic reports on the progress of the development projects of the Ministry.
  • Managing the problems and risks facing the development projects of the ministry.
  • Supervise the organization of work within the Office and prepare a manual for  work procedures covering all the office activities.
  • Supervise the organization, keeping and archiving of the office documents, in such a way as to facilitate getting back such documents easily. 
  • Supervise and determine the office need of manpower, equipment and materials and follow up the procedures for providing that.
  • Supervise and determine the training courses for the office staff, and coordinate with the competent organizational units to meet such needs.
  • Any other functions assigned to the office within its competence.

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