General Department of Legal Affairs


This Administration is associated to the Assist. Deputy Ministry for Legal Affairs.

Developing legal capacities and expertise for the preparation of studies and consultations aimed at achieving justice and integrity of the Ministry's work and decisions, besides representing the Ministry before judicial bodies.


  • Provide legal consultation and studies on subjects and issues referred to it by the relevant Deputy Ministries and departments, from inside and outside the Ministry to ensure safe and legal work of the Ministry and its decisions in terms of regulation and verify their compatibility with the Rules & regulations and other relevant laws.
  • Prepare and review Ministerial draft resolutions that include penalties and give an opinion and recommendations  in that regard.
  • Study and review contracts and agreements concluded by the Ministry.
  • Investigate violations and establish relevant committees.
  • Prepare draft Ministerial decrees relevant to the work of the Deputy Ministry.
  • ​Prepare periodic reports on the work of the Deputy Ministry and its achievements and propose appropriate suggestions for its development.

Last Modified 19 Apr 2019