General Department of Corporate Regulations & Policies


This Administration is associated with the Assist. Deputy Ministry for Rules & Regulations 

Developing Rules, Regulations and Standards, related to corporate, to provide a stimulating, competitive and highly reliable commercial and investment environment, in order to achieve the Ministry's vision, objectives and trends.


  • Review Rules and Regulations and other relevant laws, related to corporate, evaluate their efficiency, and propose the necessary amendments to them, in order to achieve the Ministry's visions, objectives and trends.
  • Prepare diagnostic studies to detect deficiencies related to corporate systems and policies.
  • Prepare comparative legislative studies and general policy studies to develop the legislative corporate system.
  • ​Study and analyze developments and concepts developed in international corporate systems and policies to keep abreast of legislative and regulatory developments.
  • Prepare draft Rules, Regulations and standards and other relevant laws, related to corporate. This is to develop the legislative corporate environment.
  • Periodic evaluation of Rules and Regulations relating to corporate, analysis the results and effects of their application and submit proposals for their development 
  • Study what is presented to the Ministry of draft Rules, Regulations and other relevant laws, related to corporate, and present views and opinions in that regard.
  • Prepare educational bulletins and guidelines for corporate Rules & Regulations, in coordination with the relevant departments.
  • Establishing partnerships with local and international institutions and organizations specialized in corporate development and management systems.
  • Identify establishments, institutes, law firms and experts, relevant to corporate systems, and study the benefits of establishing cooperative relations with them, in coordination with the consultants.
  • Prepare researches on local and global trends, relevant to the preparation and development of corporate Rules & Regulations, study them and submit views and recommendations to consultants.
  • Specify search engines, databases, information, websites, books, research, articles, studies, reports, etc. relevant to local and comparative corporate systems, and recommend to make subscription or acquire them.
  • Prepare periodic reports on the activities of the Administration and its achievements, and submit appropriate suggestions for its development.
  • Any other tasks assigned to the Administration within its competence.
Last Modified 19 Apr 2019